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"Megan is a patient and quiet, yet effective trainer.  She spent time at the beginning and then she immediately started in to help us reach those goals.  Not only did she train the dog, but she trained the whole family giving us clear directions on how to shape our ill-mannered dog into a loved family pet.  Our dog never felt frightened or intimidated, but rather was excited about our sessions.  Megan can get your dog to be the kind of pet you always wanted."  - Betsy C.

"Megan was great to work with, she is very patient and so supportive.  She worked wonders with my dog who had a millisecond of an attention span to start out with and helped me train her and teach her patience.  The training Megan offered was well worth it.  It helped my dog and I bond and have an even better relationship.  I would highly recommend Megan to anyone wanting some training for their dog!"  - Brenda H.

" I have worked with Megan off and on for many years.  I have seen the results of training dogs in her positive reinforcement technique.  When she meets past dogs she has trained they all greet her and remember her.  Megan truly loves her 'students' and trains them in a way that one would want their own children to be trained; lovingly and respectful of their individual personalities and not painful domination.  As a veterinarian, now retired, I would highly recommend Mutt Management to train anyone's four-legged family member.  By the way, check out her credentials, she is highly trained herself."  - Gary A.

"Megan is amazing!  She had my 8 week old puppy coming and sitting in the first visit!  I've referred her to several friends and they have all raved about her too!  Definitely recommend!"  - Jen C.

"Megan was great with my Chihuahua!  She did such an amazing job!  Would definitely recommend to others!  - Shawnie H.

"Awesome!"  - Rachel L.

"Megan makes Caeser  Milan look like an amateur.  She truly is the 'Dog Whisperer.'  I have watched her work with dogs that I would have given up on immediately, from young puppies to older dogs.  However, she is able to connect with the pet and develop it and the family into a loving, caring well-behaved pet for the family.  It's quite amazing to watch how it happens."  - Shawn S.

"Megan has vast knowledge about dog behavior and our puppy responded right away to her commands.  She is available whenever we need some tips on how to handle situations, even between visits."  - Erin S.