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Megan Atkinson Steadman is a certified professional dog trainer.  She stays abreast of the latest scientifically proven training and behavior techniques by attending continuing education classes taught by world class animal experts and researching the latest training methods.

In 1994 Megan attended the world famous Tom Rose School for professional dog trainers. As part of the six-month curriculum, she received instruction in the training of family pets and additional instruction in the training and certification of narcotic and protection dogs.

Over the past twenty-one years, Megan has experienced multiple training and educational styles, selecting as her preferred philosophy and method, positive reinforcement and scientifically based techniques. Megan continues to expand her knowledge of animal behavioral training by attending seminars and researching the latest professional techniques.

In 2004 She spent two years studying and training for her certification to become a practitioner in Ttouch training. The Tellington TTouch method is a specialized approach to the care and training of our animal companions. Developed by internationally recognized animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon), this method based on cooperation and respect offers a positive approach to training, can improve performance and health, and presents solutions to common behavioral and physical problems. It also helps establish a deeper rapport between humans and animals through increased understanding and more effective communication.

In 2008 Megan continued expanding her education by attending the Karen Pryor Animal Training and Behavior Academy.  As a future Certified Training Partner she has learned to become a more skilled trainer and effective teacher using force-free methods. Megan gained a solid knowledge of the science that governs learning, and has honed her practical abilities in both training animals and educating owners in training their animals.  Megan is committed to assisting pet owners in truly understanding and communicating with their dogs, along with strengthening the bonds between them.

In 2009, she was the foundational training officer for the first narcotics canine for Scent Dogs, LLC a Saint Louis, Missouri private narcotics detection firm..

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